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Almost 2% of bugs are dying on Earth every year. Scientists name this incident ' insects apocalypse'.

 Almost 2% of bugs are dying on Earth every year. Scientists name this incident ' insects apocalypse'. 


The world's top bug experts believe that the insect kingdom, intrinsic to the functioning of our ecosystems, is dying off quickly.

Referring to what is happening as a "death by a thousand cuts", bug experts have described climate change, herbicides, invasive species, pesticides as well as declining populations, as well as how we use the land. Blamed Due to such changes, 1 to 2 percent of insects are being destroyed every year on Earth!

On Monday, "Insect Apocalypse" was highlighted as "Proceedings of National Academics of Science", written by 56 scientists from all over the world.

Entomologist of the University of Connecticut - David Wagner is the lead author of 12 studies in "Proceedings", and he told The South China Morning Post that the insect state is seeing "death by a thousand cuts".

The "insect apocalypse" resembles the pattern of a puzzle, leaving scientists unable to put all the pieces together. Wagner claims that scientists need to find out how large the loss in pest populations is with other species.

"Something else is because they are the target of the attack" is a matter of concern.

Another author of the study - May Berenboom of the University of Illinois, told the SCMP that the loss of pests right now can be compared to climate change 30 years ago - when there were so many important measurements in place to find out the extent of the damage.

"Pest degradation is one of a kind compared to climate change 30 years ago because the methods (rates) of assessing this rate were difficult," Berenbaum said.

Insects or bugs are intrinsic to the food chain and help get rid of waste. Insects are also pollinate foods worldwide. According to Wagner, insects "form the fabric by which Mother Nature and the tree of life are built".

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