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3 people ready to go to space, each person will have to pay 400Cr rupees!

 3 people ready to go to space, each person will have to pay 400Cr rupees!

International space station

Space has an international space station. You must have seen many films. Many people feel like going there. But it costs a lot. It is not so difficult to go. If you have Rs 400 crore. Three billionaires have prepared to go to the space station.

Will have to pay so much money...

On January 26, the first private space station crew were introduced in Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. It has three passengers. Each passenger will have to pay 55 million dollars. According to the Indian currency, this case is slightly more than 400 crores rupees. Explain that these people will be sent to the space station by SpaceX rockets.

who are these people?

Photo of peoples who all are going to international space station (Eytan Stibbe, Mark Pathy and Larry Connor)

Eytan Stibbe, Mark Pathy and Larry Connor are the three people who are going to space. They will be taken to the spation station in January next year. This will be the first private flight. Former NASA astronaut Michael Lopez Alegria will be given the responsibility. He currently works at a company based in Houston named Axiom Space.

This is the first private trip

Let us know that no one has made a private visit to the space station so far. This will be the first time the three will go into space on a personal journey. These people will remain in space for eight days. It will take one to two days to go and arrive. These will be sent from SpaceX's Dragon capsule to the space station and brought back from there.

What work do all three do?

Larry Connor, Axiom's first customer, is a resident of Ohio. He is a real estate businessman and a tech entrepreneur. Mark Pathy is a Canadian financier. Eaton Stibbe is an Israeli businessman.

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