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A supermassive black hole suddenly disappeared. Scientists think it is floating through space.

 A supermassive black hole suddenly disappeared. Scientists think it is floating through space.

Black hole

Black holes
continue to separate scientists, much about celestial objects still shrouded in mystery. Now, a cosmic event has shaken astronomers!

A supermassive black hole previously believed to have been located in the center of the galaxy has suddenly disappeared.

The galaxy is officially called "A2261-BCG", causing its black hole to be lost. Now scientists believe that the black hole may have been floating in space, which is the first such record.

The first "recoiling" black hole can now float through the universe.

Scientists say that this implies that a powerful force emanating from somewhere in the galaxy may be behind the rejection of this supermassive black hole. The power or energy of the force would have been strong enough to push the black hole far!

Researchers from universities in North America looked at the space program.

According to scientists, every galaxy in the universe has at least one supermassive black hole at the center. This includes our own Milky Way.

Recently a team from the University of Michigan published a study in the American Astronomical Society Journal about how to recoding a black hole.

Under the leadership of Dr. Kahan Gultekin, the team found that a black hole had suddenly disappeared. He had been studying the A2261-BCG for quite some time when an unexpected event occurred.

In a conversation with the motherboard, the doctor claimed that he was skeptical about seeing anything in the center of a distant galaxy, but found nothing.

The Researchers team observing it also believes that the black hole may be hidden somewhere in the galaxy where it cannot be detected.

A massive force is required to push a black hole from its position, and scientists claim that it may be due to the collision of two supermassive black holes.

Nevertheless, this remains difficult to prove, as we have never been able to observe the collision of two supermassive blackholes.

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