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Mineral from Mars founded in Earth (antarctic ice).

 Mineral from Mars founded in Earth (antarctic ice).

Photo of mineral from Mars found in Earth's Antarctica

Researchers in Antarctica have stumbled upon a trace of zorasite(mineral), a mineral commonly found on Mars, that could confirm theories about water being on the red planet.

According to the study published in Nature Communications, zorasite is rarely found on Earth and occurs in low-temperature acidic-oxidative weathering of iron-bearing minerals in water-limited settings.

The researchers was investigating the ice age cycle by drilling 1000 meters into the Talos Dome ice core of East Antarctica.

Jarosite was detected using X-ray absorption tests and electron microscopy in samples found in ice cores.

Rare, yellow-brown minerals were found clinging to silica-containing particles, which were interpreted as products of weathering in the Talos Dome ice core, including aeolean dust and acidic atmospheric aerosols.

"... the mineral has been repeatedly identified on Mars and has been regarded as evidence for the occurrence of liquid water, as the low-temperature acidic-oxidative properties of iron-bearing minerals in water-limited settings on Earth. Occurs as a result of weathering, ”the study states.

Mars had previously experienced dramatic changes in its climate, and it is suggested that the red planet was covered in an ice sheet millions of years ago.

According to the researchers, after blowing dust in blankets on ice, the zerosite on the mars has been found in the first large slab, forming zerosite in small pockets.

The study states that it is appropriate that the formation of the zerosite on Mars involves interactions between brine and mineral dust.

Although zerosite discoveries may point researchers in the right direction, scientists have not found why Mars has larger zerosite deposits than rare amounts on Earth.

The research team led by Giovanni Beccallo University of Milano-Biocoça believes that it supports a similar ice-weathering model for Jarosite formed on Mars.

The study states that this is the first describe englacial diagenetic mechanism to occur in deep Antarctic ice and supports the ice-weathering model for zerosite formation on Mars.

"Talos dome ice is distinguished by the Earth's atmosphere and its conditions, including pressure, temperature, pH, and chemistry, providing a suitable analogue for similar Martian settings."

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