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26 industrialists joined space competition to compete Elon Musk

 26 industrialists joined space competition to compete Elon Musk.

Photo of ISRO's rocket

India's industrialists have also come down to the 'space field' to take on the space's single-minded king and the world's richest man Elon Musk. 26 industrialists of the country have applied to the Department of Space to explore the world of Space

The selected companies will work closely with the Department of Space. Which includes the development of technical equipment as well as working closely with ISRO from the Space Center to discover the infinite world of the sky.

It was decided last year that not only the government but also private companies will participate in the space world. For this, the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center (INSPACE) was formed. 

According to departmental sources, 26 leading industrialists of the country have so far expressed their desire to work with ISRO for their company and apply through the prescribed procedure. 

Many prominent companies of the country are also among those applying. The selection process is currently in the final round.

Companies will prepare from rocket to satellite orbit

Private companies will manufacture rockets with ISRO. Apart from this, the private companies will also make preparations for the construction and technology of the space station including the orbit of satellites. 

According to departmental sources, the company will be selected with which many more technologies will be exchanged.

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