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Water on moon! Researchers revealed how water on the moon flown from the Earth

 Research has revealed how water on the moon was 'flown' from the earth

Surface of Moon

According to research that has found the reason for the presence of water on the moon, water here could reach the Earth in a very interesting way through the magnetosphere.

The discovery of life outside the Earth and its shrinks has been a favorite subject of astronomers and other scientists. 

For this, they also give importance to the discovery of water on other planets. Apart from this, compounds of hydrogen and oxygen, the major atoms of water, also play an important role in the creation of life. 

Such substances have also appeared on the Moon, contrary to expectation.Now a lot of water has also been discovered on the moon. The reason for this has been revealed by the latest research. 

According to this, so much water could reach the moon through the Earth's Magnetosphere.

It was believed about the moon.

In fact, in the early stages of space research, the moon was considered a dry and barren rock where there is no atmosphere. 

Temperatures are very low or high and the atmosphere is very lifeless. But there are also ice and other hydrogen and oxygen substances found on the moon later. 

Astronomers have been searching for the reason for this for some time.

This is also an explanation of the presence of water on the moon

The Moon. Presence of water on Moon

Many of the moon's water is in the form of ice, which is like a frozen lake in the crater. 

Apart from this, it is hidden in solid form in igneous rocks. According to one theory, solar winds have affected hydrogen ions with positive charge on the lunar surface. 

For this reason hydroxyl ions and molecular water ie H2O were formed there.

The Earth planet

The earth is also responsible

But the new study says that only solar activities are not responsible for this. Apart from the Sun, our Earth may also have a role in it. 

This study says that planets have the ability to put water seeds in their natural satellites. Therefore, there may be a reason for the Earth to be found on the Moon.

There is water in other places

It is not that water is found only on the Earth's moon. From Mars to the Moon of Jupiter planet, even Saturn's ring, comets, asteroids and Pluto are also present on the planet. 

Not only this, water particles have been found in cosmic clouds outside the solar system. 

One theory says that when the solar system was being formed, water was getting in the surface of these bodies. But it must have been an even more complicated process.

It was supposed to be but,

Simulations of a computer model have shown that the full moon must have evaporated over half of the surface of the moon within three days after the moon had passed through the Earth's magnetosphere. 

An analysis of maps of India's Chandrayaan-1 has shown that nothing of this sort has actually happened. 

Winds from the earth were caused by the impact of the magnetosphere instead of the water blowing away, which made up for the loss of water. These winds were like the winds of the earth.

The study done, found that

Using the Kaguya Satellite, the researchers observed huge amounts of oxygen isotopes during the full moon of the Moon that permeated Earth's ozone layer. 

These oxygen isotopes merged with the hydrogen ions of the Earth's exosphere into the lunar soil.

Water bridge

Researchers also found that the combined flow of magnetosphere particles was very different from solar winds. 

So the magnetosphere made a kind of water bridge that filled the moon with water. It was stored there due to the surface environment.

The results of this investigation have been published in the journal Letters and may be very important in the future in terms of water discovery. 

The Planetary magnetospheres and solar winds can affect the presence of water in their satellites. 

This search may prove to be a new way of searching. And can also be helpful in the analysis of the development of water in space.

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