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Aliens calling? Aliens planet | first potential radio signal from exoplanet detected

 Aliens calling? Are Aliens really exist? Aliens planet | first potential radio signal from exoplanet detected.

An international team of scientists has collected the first possible radio signal from a planet beyond our Solar system, about 51 light-years away from an exoplanet system. Using the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR), a radio telescope in the Netherlands, researchers uncovered emission bursts from the Tau Boots star-system, which hosts a so-called hot Jupiter, a gaseous giant planet that is very close to its Sun.

A team led by researchers from Cornell University in the US also looked at other possible exoplanetary radio-emission candidates in the constellation cancer and the Upsilon Andromede system.

However, the study published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics found that only the Tau Boots Exoplanet system exhibited an important radio signature, a unique potential window on the planet's magnetic field. "We present one of the first clues to detect an exoplanet in the radio field," Cornell postdoctoral researcher Jake D. Turner said. “The hint is from the Tau Boots system, which has a binary Star system and an exoplanet. He said that we make a case for emissions by the planet.

If confirmed through follow-up observations, the researchers said, it opens a new window on radio detection exoplanets and provides a new way to investigate alien worlds that are tens of light years away. Observing the magnetic field of an exoplanet helps astronomers understand the internal and atmospheric properties of a planet, as well as the physics of star-planet interactions, Turner said.

Earth's magnetic field protects against solar wind hazards, the planet is habitable. "The magnetic field of an exoplanet such as Earth can contribute to their potential habitat to protect their own atmosphere from solar wind and cosmic rays, and to protect the planet from atmospheric damage," Turner said.

Two years ago, Turner and his colleagues examined Jupiter's radio emission signature and extended those emissions to mimic potential signatures from distant Jupiter-like exoplanets. Those results became the template for the discovery of radio emissions from exoplanet 40 to 100 light years away.

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