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Scientists are found the superhighway network which can be used to travel through the solar system

 Scientists are found the superhighway network which can be used to travel through the solar System.

Scientists have now discovered a superhigh network to travel through the Solar system that was previously thought possible. According to the study authors, such routes can run comets and asteroids near Jupiter to Neptune in less than a decade and are in 100 astronomical units in less than a century. The authors of the study say that they can be used to send the spacecraft relatively quickly to the extreme ends of the spacecraft and also monitor objects near the Earth.

According to a statement from the UC San Diego News Center published in a paper published on November 25, the researchers observed the dynamic structure of these pathways, creating a connected series of arches inside Space manifolds, all the way to Uranus and beyond.

The recently discovered "cecelestial autobahn," or cecelestial highway, works over several decades as opposed to the millions of years that are typically characteristic of the dynamics of the solar system.

According to the researchers, most star arch structures are associated with Jupiter and its gravitational force. Structures were resolved by collecting numerical data about millions of orbits in the solar system and calculating how they fit into an already known space manifest.

Although the results need to be further studied, researchers say that both determine how they can be used by spacecraft and how such manifolds behave in the vicinity of EarthAsteroid and meteorite encounters Control.

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