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How dangerous is the radiation of space, what changes in the body?

 why scientists make golden layer on satellite. how dangerous is the radiation of space, what changes in the body?

Human effected from space radiation

Hazardous radiations keep coming out in space all the time, due to which the temperature there goes from -200 to +300 degree Fahrenheit. Its direct contact is very fatal.

Many times during the solar eclipse there is a warning that avoiding looking directly at the sun, otherwise its radiation can affect the eyes. Even after being away from the sun in its own planet, its impact is considered dangerous, so have you ever wondered what the radiation of space will have on astronauts! The Human Research Program (HRP) of (NASA) is continuously researching these extremely deadly radiations.

What happened in the last year?

The year 2020 brought many achievements in the field of space science. Meanwhile, NASA and Elon Musk's Space Company together made many discoveries in search of life on the moon. Where was China also going to stay behind. He succeeded in getting a sample of the moon's surface. However, bringing this sample to Earth was not free from danger. The sample can contain anything from radiation to viruses.

Safe protocol

Safety protocol happens.

In view of this, a former NASA scientist had warned China that after bringing the sample it should quarantine, otherwise there could be a risk of some terrible disease. In view of these dangers, there is a special safety protocol for going to space and returning from there.

Astronomers to locked in chamber because of the space radiation

This rule was made.

In the year 1967, under the Outer Space Treaty, it was decided that nothing would be brought from the space, which would risk any disturbance in the earth. This is the reason why in the year 1969 all 11 astronauts from the moon were immediately locked in the decontamination chamber, where they stayed for three weeks. Its purpose was to find out if there was any radiation effect on them.

How do astronauts rescue?

This fear about space radiation is when astronauts are ready to avoid it. If you have noticed, then you will find that the satellites being sent to space always appear wrapped in gold. Many times a silver layer is also seen on it. There is a special motive behind this. In fact, the gold layer protects the satellite from very dangerous radiation in space.

Why radiation continue coming out?

Actually, space has no temperature of its own. It is neither cold nor hot, but all the things found in it, such as planets, asteroids, satellites, make up its temperature. This is the reason why dangerous radiations keep coming out in the space all the time. This increases the temperature in the radiation space from -200 Fahrenheit to +300 Fahrenheit. In such a situation, if humans come in contact with it, then it will take few moments to destroy its life. Satellites can also be affected by radiation. This is why there is a layer of gold on its surface.

How the shield is prepared?

It is a kind of insulator made of many thin layers. It does not allow any external energy inside itself. This protects the space craft from any thermal radiation. Although these layers that look like gold are not gold, they are a kind of plastic, which is called polyimide. Its multiple layers protect both satellite and astronauts from thermal radiation. In addition, a shield of polyethylene is also used, which protects against radiation.

Structure of DNA

What changes in the body?

Even after all this protection, radiation can have a mild effect. The scary thing is that even the light radiation of the space can bring many serious diseases. As the effect of these radiations changes the DNA in the body, which can lead to diseases like cancer. Heart diseases can also occur. The process of neurogenesis is interrupted by radiation. This stops new cells from forming in the person's brain. It can also cause memory loss or there is a risk of brain related diseases.

This organism tolerates space radiation.

Well the funny thing is that an organism also suffers the radiation of space. This creature is also called water beer or tardigrades. Tardigrades are so strong that even the lethal radiation of space is ineffective on them. They survive in the vacuum of space, where no one is able to stay alive due to lack of air and cosmic rays. This thing came out in the use of European Space Agency. Tardigrade is now being talked about in medical science too. Maybe a new discovery can be made with its help.

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