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Top 5 space agencies in the world. NASA | RFSA | ESA | ISRO | CNSA.

 Top 5 space agencies in the world. NASA | RFSA | ESA | ISRO | CNSA.

Photo of international space station

Space studies and research on outer Space have always troubled man. Mankind has a thirst to know what lies outside the Earth's atmosphere. Thus each nation has established its own space agencies and research centers. They are many of them but only a few which are of high quality, carry out extreme research, are technologically advanced and are famous worldwide.

Photo of NASA

1: NASA ( National Aeronautics and space Administration ) : the United States, no doubt holds the first position. It was established in October 1958 and has been involved in high profile space programs since. Project Apollo was the first exploration mission on the Moon conducted by NASA. Currently NASA is engaged in many missions that study climate change, freshwater resources, the secret behind the development of the Sun and life on other planets and so on.

Photo of Russian federation Space Agency

2: RFSA ( Russian federation Space Agency ) : The RFSA is one of the partners of the ISS or the International Space Station. It is one of the leading agencies active in the development of space vehicles, launchers and ground infrastructure. Established before NASA in 1922, it faced financial problems in the early years, but later managed to launch several successful missions.

Photo of European Space Agency

3: ESA ( European Space Agency ) : The ESA is one of the best in launching vehicles for space orbits. It was founded in 1975 by ten member countries. It now has 22 member nations. Together nations handle space programs far behind the reach of just one nation.

Photo of indian space research organisation

4: ISRO ( Indian Space research organisation ) : ISRO became the first Asian space agency to reach Mars orbit. It is the first agency in the world to successfully claimed this mission in the first attempt. So far ISRO has launched 75 spacecraft, formed in 1969. It designs satellites, launches programs and space missions.

Photo of china National Space Administration

5: CNSA ( China National Space Administration ) : Currently CNSA is involved in the deployment of satellites for telecommunications and earth observation. In 2003, China joined the US and Russia in a trio to build manned spacecraft capability. Its latest unmanned lunar-lander and rover successfully reached the moon in 2013.

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