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From BMC school to NASA. It's an inspiration story of Mumbai's Suvarna kurade.

 From BMC school to NASA. It's an inspiration story of Mumbai's Suvarna kurade.

Suvarna kurade

His dreams were taking shape in a 180-square-foot house at BDD Chawl in Mumbai, but space is now his canvas. Suvarna Kurade, a Mumbai-based civic school student, has taken a step to realize her dreams. She overcame all obstacles through hard work and self-confidence and created an unimaginable benchmark. She now works as a technician for NASA in California, USA.

Suvarna, 41, is an ex-student of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Municipal Secondary School, Worli, run by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. She faced a lot of hardships through her childhood days. She used to live in BDD Chawl in Worli.

Father of Suvarna is a retired as an assistant sub-inspector of police in 2005, and his brother Anil is also employed in the wireless department of the Mumbai Police.

"Suvarna has faced a lot of hardships and today where she has arrived, we used to live in a police quarters in a 180 sq ft room at Worli BDD Chawl in Mumbai. She was a bright student and came out with a flight from BMC . School. He studied on his own because we couldn't even afford to send him tuition. She completed her computer engineering from Government Polytechnic in Bandra, but could not get higher education due to financial crisis. Then she found a job for herself in Mumbai before getting married, ”her brother Anil, who now lives in Nerul, told Mirror Online.

She got married and moved to USA 10 years ago. Suvarna, who has a son, found a supportive husband who helped her realize her dreams. He got a job at NASA two months ago.

Childhood photo of suvarna kurade

"She continued to learn in the USA and received a certificate with the help of her husband. Her dedication and hard work helped her reach NASA and we are very proud of her," said Anil.

Suvarna held various professional level certifications in her computer engineering, which helped her to pursue a career in the field of information technology. She has been a big fan of automation and cloud computing. She holds Microsoft certifications in various fields such as Windows Server, Cloud and Networking. He is a Microsoft Azure Solution Architect expert in the field of cloud computing.

"She was a shy girl of few words, but spoke through her academic performance. She appeared for her SSC board exam in March 1995. She was poor and needy. She scored 90 marks in English language in class 10. When there was no concept, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Municipal School teacher Maruti Sherkar told Mirror Online, "We are proud of his achievement.

"She did computer engineering from Government Polytechnic, Bandra, but could not pay for the degree course and that's why she did so many certificate courses. Despite having a good score, she could not go to IIT because of the money. Despite all the difficulties, her Constant efforts helped her achieve this feat, ”said Sherkar sir.

She is a Solution Architect expert in Cloud computing. "She believes that if you look at your life as an opportunity, you will see the possibilities everywhere. The question is can you take it or not. Never identify anything as small or big. Just enjoy whatever you do and always keep that student alive within you," she said.

"Suvarna has added one more feather to our MCGM Education Department cap. Last year, our SSC board examination result saw a record of 93%. Our students have no supportive educational background; their parents own bread and Working hard to earn butter. We are applying various innovative methods and techniques to improve our results. We are very proud of our former student Suvarna Kurday who has proved her mettle and has become a perfect example, a role model for our poor and needy students. I feel proud to say that an atheistic medium student can get such a prestigious opportunity at NASA, ”said Sherkar Sir.

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