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SpaceX plans to race remote-controlled cars to the moon in 2021, and has drafted in a famous Ferrari designer to help

 SpaceX plans to race remote-controlled cars to the moon in 2021, and has drafted in a famous Ferrari designer to help

Spacex CEO, Elon Musk

Elon Musk's SpaceX plans to launch vehicles designed by Frank Stephenson of McLaren, Ferrari and BMW fame - on the lunar surface for a remote-controlled car rally.

SpaceX said the cars would be shipped on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in October 2021.

The vehicles will be partially designed, built and operated by two teams of high school students.

Entertainment and education company Moon Mark, along with aerospace companies Intuitive Machine and Lunar Outpost, is organizing the car race.

SpaceX wants to race remote-controlled cars on the lunar surface.

Elon Musk's aerospace company plans to launch vehicles in October 2021 aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

It brought legendary designer Frank Stephenson known for the work of BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren and others.

According to a statement published in November, both vehicles will be partially designed, built and driven by two teams of high school students.

They will be built by the Intuitive Machine in the Nova-C lunar lander.

The race is being organized by Moon Mark, a multimedia and education materials company that has partnered with aerospace company Intuitive Machines. The statement said that space tech firm Lunar Outpost also joined the race on 17 November.

Stephenson accepted the appointment as race design director for Moon Mark Mission 2021 in November.

Students driving cars had to earn a reward first.

On July 14, Moon Mark announced that two teams of high school students had designed valid car designs in just four weeks: "Team Atlas" is from Buenos Aires, and "Team Illustar" comes from Shanghai.

According to a statement, he faced challenges in drones and autonomous vehicle racing, e-gaming and a space commercialization entrepreneurship competition.

The companies said, "The two top teams from the qualifying round will lead a one-time life to build and race two vehicles on the moon."

They will now work with automotive designer Stephenson to build a vehicle from which they will speed across the lunar surface.

"This is a project helping future innovators develop, allowing them to dream big and realize that nothing is impossible," Stephenson said in a statement.

He said, "The space is an attractive place, uncapped for budding designers and I am very keen to share some of my knowledge with those involved in this innovative project."

Mary L. Hagie, Moon Mark founder and CEO, said: "His extraordinary experience and talent in automotive and aerospace design will bring insight and inspiration to our young innovators."

On November 25, SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 rocket for the 100th time, orbiting 60 Starlink Internet satellites.

It was also the company's 23rd flight of the year and the seventh successful launch of the rocket - the most popular for anyone SpaceX received Rocket 9.

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