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What is solar storm on sun? Is there any destruction on earth?

 What is solar storm on sun? Is there any destruction on earth?

Solar storm
Solar storm started since 2020 and once again coming on Earth... There are bad effects on aeroplane and in some situations human will die!

Solar Storm: Solar Storm is coming once again on Earth. Scientists doing research about the weather of space say that solar cycle has started in 2020 itself. 

Due to solar storm, there are bad effects on aeroplane, power grid, even communication channels. In some cases even humans die.

Recently we have seen solar storms on Earth. Solar storm is a kind of electromagnetic energy that comes out of the sun's surface. 

Now scientists say that in the coming days, many such solar storms will be seen on the earth. At the moment most people are oblivious to this, but it also has an impact on their lives. 

This tremendous invisible energy has so much power that it also affects human activities. The power grid and communication channels are also going to be affected due to these solar storms on the earth. It is considered dangerous even for life on earth.

During the solar storm, a 'balloon of energy' erupts from the surface of the sun, bringing electrical charges and magnetic fields to the earth. 

The Scientists say that such a situation was not seen on the sun for a long time. But now it has started once again. Many similar activities have started on the surface of the sun. 

Meteorologist Matthew Capucci has also written an article on this in The Washington Post in December last year.

Solar cycle has started in 2020

Capuchi says that in 2020 a new solar cycle named 'Solar 25' has started. They believe that it is going to last for 11 years. During 2025, most activities will be seen on the sun. 

The Magnetic activities that change from time to time on the surface of the sun are called solar cycles. Each of these solar cycles lasts for 9 to 14 years.

Will Solar Storm Affect Humans?

Experts say that due to solar storm, humans will also be affected. This kind of solar storm affects the nervous system of humans, due to which many organs stop functioning and eventually the human dies.

A scientist who studies on the relation between solar storm and cardiovascular diseases believes that there are many types of harmful radiation caused by solar storm. Due to this, many organs stop working and in some cases humans also die.

Affects on airplanes

Radiation emanating from the solar storm causes many skin diseases. In some cases, it is a cancer factor. 

He says that pilots also have a risk of cataract while driving a plane during such radiation exposure. 

Many times, flight routes also have to be changed. Crew members as well as passengers are also at risk.

Impact on Communication to Power Grid

Scientists say that due to such solar storms, satellites are also affected and thus the communication channels are also affected. 

There is also a possibility that blackout may be seen in the entire city due to a malfunction in the power grid.

Actually, solar storms also affect the power flow in the power grid. It also poses the risk of explosion of transformers. Oil and gas pipeline are affected.

Scientists' exploration of solar storm is also limited. By the time they get to know about the possible effects of solar storm, it is only one to one and a half hours away from the earth. 

Earlier, there was no seriousness about such a thing. But, in recent years, many governments have become more serious about the space weather. The United States and Britain are also working in this direction.

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