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Mysterious stone found in Mars.

 Mysterious stone found in Mars. Is the 'ancient life' of the red planet contained within itself?

Photo of jezero craters, Mars
Stones seen in a photograph taken by Perceverance Rover (NASA)

The rocky surface filled with stones of the 45-km-wide Jazero crater can be seen in photographs of the Perseverance Rover. The stones present here are quite mysterious.

The US Space Agency NASA's Perseverance Rover has begun work on its new home, Mars. For the past five weeks, he had been working to record and help the Ingenuity chopper's movements. 

However, during this time, Perseverance Rover continued its scientific work. For example, Perseverance took high-resolution images of its surroundings through the Mastcam-Z imaging system.

The rocky surface filled with stones of the 45 km wide Jjero crater can be seen in these photos by Perception Rover. 

These stones look quite mysterious. The rover had landed on this place on 18 February. 

The rover studied the surrounding stones in detail with the help of two other devices installed inside it. 

Scientists are excited to know whether these stones are present here due to volcano or are scattered here due to sediment of a river.

Photo of jezero craters, Mars
Stones seen in a photograph taken by Perceverance Rover (NASA)

What are volcanic and sedimentary rocks?

Volcanic rocks are formed after an eruption in a volcano. These can serve as geological clocks. With their help, scientists can better understand the history and development of the Jazero crater. 

It is believed that there would have been a lake and river delta here billions of years ago with the Jazero crater. 

On the other hand, sedimentary rocks form over time due to deposition of dirt and sand. If there had been life in the Jazero crater, then these rocks have more ability to preserve life on Mars.

Possibility of bringing these stones to Earth by 2031.

Perseverance Rover has two major missions. The first is to find traces of life on Mars, while the second mission is to collect several dozen samples of potential astrobiological significance. 

These stones can also be included in this. This ancient Mars material will be brought to Earth by a joint expedition by NASA and the European Space Agency. 

Perhaps a mission will be started for this by 2031. "When you look at these stones, you see a story of Mars," said Ken Farley of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena and scientist of the Perseverance Project.

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