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NASA's rover sent new picture from Mars, new photos of Mars

 NASA's rover sent new picture from Mars, new photos of Mars.

Mars's land photo from perseverance rover
The US space agency NASA on Wednesday sent a spectacular picture taken by Mars from Earth to the Perseverance Rover. NASA recently released pictures of the rover's landing on Mars and its aftermath.

The US space agency NASA on Wednesday released a stunning photo sent by a rover from Mars. 

It has a spectacular panoramic view of the rover's landing site. NASA has taken a historic step by landing the Perseverance Rover on Mars. 

Under the Mars 2020 expedition, NASA has sent this rover for some special study of Mars. NASA has already sent a rover to Mars. 

NASA has released photos of the recently completed landing of the rover and its aftermath.

The US space agency NASA released a stunning photo of the rover's landing site on Mars on Wednesday. 

The picture shows the rim of the Jazero crater where the rover landed last week. This photo was taken by the rover rotating 360 degrees. 

This rover's camera is equipped with zoomable cameras that can take high quality video and photos. 

NASA said that this picture is made up of 142 different photographs which have been sent as a picture on Earth.

NASA said the rover's cameras would help scientists assess the geological history and atmospheric conditions of the Jazero crater and identify rocks and sediment that would be eligible for a close examination and collection to finally return to Earth. 

Earlier on Monday, the US space agency released the first audio of Mars. This included recording of the gust of wind captured by the rover's microphone. NASA also released a video of the rover's landing.

NASA released pictures after landing

A few days ago, NASA released a picture of the deck of Navigation Cam Rover, the navigation camera of Perseverance Rover. 

NASA's Planetary Instrument for X-ray Lithochemistry, also called Jas Pixl, is visible. It is a device placed in the arm of the rover that will conduct geological studies on Mars. 

The device has a camera which will also take pictures of rocks and soil, which can see even small particles of salt. With this, scientists will be able to get information about previous micro-organisms on Mars.

Perseverance Rover

This is the first high-resolution picture from Mars, taken from NASA's Hazard camera mounted on the underside of the Perseverance Rover. 

NASA released this as a picture of the day of February 23. The Jazero crater of Mars is clearly visible in the picture.

View of Mars from perseverance rover's camera

Mastcam-Z is a special camera pair that is mounted in Perseverance Rover. In this picture, the camera is used for the first time after reaching Mars, which scientists will use as a marker for the color of the camera and its other settings. 

The Mastcam is built by Malin Space Science System in San Diego, California and will be operated by Arizona State University in Tempe.

Perseverance Rover

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