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NASA's Perseverance Rover
 and Mars Helicopter
are nearly ready for launch.

Nearly 17 year after slinging its Spirit Rover and Opportunity Rover towards the red planet ( Mars ), NASA is making its final preparations before its mars mission of 2020 launch, this time with the Perseverance Rover and Ingenuity Helicopter in a tow. Before next week's launching window opens-NASA may have taken from July 30th to August 15 to complete the mission- NASA to discuss goals, challenges and opportunities led by the space foundation NASA's ninth mission sat down with the leadership of mars.

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'' Next week, the United states returns to ,Mars,'' Dr.Thomas Zurbuken, Associate Administrator at the Science Mission Directorate, said during the call. '' this is the next step in creating a puzzle we have been working on for centuries, which has 55 years, launched by the Mariner four with the first flyby of the Mars. This is for the first time that, the world's eyes opened when Viking Landers sent back the transformative photos of surface of the another planet.
Nasa's perseverance rover
This time, NASA plans to send its most capable rover to date, ( The Perseverance Rover ), Zurbuken. At almost 10 feet in the lenght, it is the tallest and heaviest rover ever built by the NASA. '' the Perseverance Rover is the first mission of our astronomy,'' he said. '' in this case, to discover ancient life as part of its top line science goals. As such, the space Agency has chosen the Jazero Crater, a 28 mile wide swag of planet Mars, with the river's ancient target as its target. NASA coffins believe that Lake Tahoe was about 3 to 4 billion year ago in the size. NASA hops to find sign of the ancient microbial life - at least some conserved organic molecules in the carbonate packed soils that cover the area. Click here👉 know about the other 4 rover that has been sent to mars

Zerbuchen said, '' firmly all human senses will be brought to the Mars planet by the Perseverance.'' '' It will feel the air around it, look at and  scan the horizon, listen to the planet with a microphone on the surface for the first time, realize that it picks up the sample and perhaps 'tastes' them in a census pixel and other devices.'' gives. The chemistry of the rocks and the soil around it.'' If you are interested in knowing spacex news Elon musk news than click 👉Falcon 9 rocket launch

The Perseverance efforts will help make life easier for the human space explorers who come after it. Many of the Rover's scientific experiments will include tests to see how the crbon dioxide can be converted in to oxygen to breathe on the mars planet, to organic compounds on the Mars with the spacesuit materials,  as well as landing sites. Can eliminate filtering efforts.

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However, the rover will not start automatically. Jerosa Carter, The Director of NASA's jet propulsion lab, Drs. Michael Watkins pointed out that the perseverance will work hand in hand with the human researches. We touch anywhere in our landing area and then our scientists have to find the very good spots those gold vessels that also represent this important habitable environment and possible bio signatures,'' he said. '' and this is where the mission ... become the robotics and humans.''

A  team of the planetary scientist will initially guide the rover to land a promising patch, where optical, X-Ray, and Ultraviolet cameras to further hone in on a target site. Subsequently, the rover deployed its coring drill to collect and seal the samples to return to the planet Earth during the following missions scheduled for 2026 Watkins reported

Watkins said, '' this mission, we are trying to find a planet there, there which we have never found before, and then we are trying to captured it and separate it and bring back those samples. '' moon rocks love it very much.'' 

While the perseverance rover stuck in the mud, than the igenuity helicopter is expected to take to the skies above the red planet for capturing the photos and informations. While Mars planet may technically be an atmosphere, it is very thin about 1 percent more condensate than what we have on planet Earth making vehicle very challenging despite the planet's low gravity compared to our own planet.

 The goal of igenuity helicopter is to prove that we really can. A 4-pound autonomous helicopter will take perseverance to planet Mars. Once it lands, igenuity will rotates 1.2 meter long blades up to the 2,400 RPM and perform the series of five test flight a month on Mars Planet.

If it proves itself to be the airworthy, success may open up new avenues of discovery over Mars Planet. Future missions may carry ''progeny of ingenuity to serve as robotic scouts, top of the field surveys, or full standalone science craft carrying the equipment payloads,'' according to the NASA.

'' Today we find the rovers circling the Mars Planet and orbiting  the Spacecraft,'' said MiMi Aung, Mars helicopter project manager at JPL. '' In the future, here will be Astronauts on the surface. Helicopter can serve as scouts for the rovers and astronauts'' as well as have the access to area that would otherwise be inaccessible from the ground.

'' That experience will feed into the future, more capable rotor-craft that we envision and really add that aerial dimension to the space exploration for our team, '' she continued.

There will be some company on the planet perseverance and ingenuity coming next February, The UAE'S rover, Hope, was launched last weekend and it is expected to hit the planet mars almost the samae time as NASA.  China's Tianwen-1 mission has been called of on July 23rd and should be placed in the orbit, lander and rover of the Mars planet early next year.

'' With the Moon to Mars program and robot ancestors, '' NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstein said, '' it's all been going on since the day we humans live and work, not just for the moon, but, any other planet.'' But, so the future is very bright, there are many opportunities.''

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