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In the next 5 days, 2 huge asteroids will pass close to the Earth, how much danger to Earth?

 In the next 5 days, 2 huge asteroids will pass close to the Earth, how much danger to Earth?

Asteroid hit Earth

In the next few days, giant asteroids will pass close to the earth. One of these will pass at a safe distance from Earth on Saturday and the other on Monday.

In the coming days, two giant asteroids are going to pass close to the Earth. Both of these are equivalent to the Empire State Building of America. According to NASA's Center for Near Object Studies, both of these asteroids will leave from a safe distance this Saturday. Both these asteroids will pass through a safe distance. There is no possibility of any damage to the earth due to them.

The first asteroid 2020P will leave 43 million miles from Earth on Saturday, 23 January. It is around 370 meters in width and is expected to have a top speed of 18,700 mph. At the same time, the second asteroid is the 2010 JE87 which will pass through the earth on the coming Monday i.e. 25 January. Its distance will be 37 lakh miles. This asteroid is 430 meters.

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How much damage to the earth?

As it enters the atmosphere, the sky rocks burn and burn and sometimes appear from the earth in the appearance of a meteorite. They can damage the earth if it is too large in size but there is not much danger from small pieces. At the same time, they usually fall in the seas because water is present on most of the earth.

If a high-speed space object is expected to come close to 46.5 lakh miles from the earth, then it is considered dangerous by space organizations. NASA's Sentry system already monitors such threats. There are currently 22 such asteroids that have little chance of hitting the Earth for the next 100 years.

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