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Formation of Moon | Why astronomers are taking the help of simulations to understand the creation of the moon

 Formation of Moon | Why astronomers are taking the help of simulations to understand the creation of the moon.

The moon

There are many views that explain the creation of the Moon. Astronomers want the help of supercomputer simulation to explore all the possibilities of one of them.

There are many theories among scientists about how the Moon was formed. Researchers who support these theory are trying to find a variety of evidence, ranging from the study of the rock and soil of the moon to the study of meteorites that have fallen on Earth. But a group of researchers have asked for the help of supercomputer simulations to solve the problem of moon formation.

According to one theory, the Moon was a small celestial body that joined the Earth when it was passing by it, after which it started circling the Earth and became its satellite. At the same time, according to accretion theory, the moon was formed along with the earth. Apart from this, the principle of a huge confrontation is most prevalent. In this research, scientists need supercomputer simulation.

What is the principle of giant collision?

Formation of Moon

According to the theory of giant collision, Earth collided with another body of Earth which was the size of Mars and due to this collision, Earth became a natural satellite. Researchers at Durham University are trying to find out what kind of collision it was that formed the moon.

4.5 billion years old event.

The astronomical body of Mars, which collides with the moon, will be called Theia. Scientists want to estimate the velocity of this body, its angle of collision, its speed of rotation, etc. which must have been 4.5 billion years ago when it collided with the Earth.

This problem occurred.

Astronomers attempted to understand the consequences of a collision with the Earth in a non-rotating version of the Theia. But from that, he got a satellite with 80 percent of the weight of Mars. But when he studied the collision of a slightly rotating Theia, he found two moons.

How will the moon be formed?

According to the statement, after the collision with the Earth, small flakes would have formed which would have started rotating in the Earth's orbit. Astronomers think these flakes may have grown in size by joining disks of remains. The interesting thing is that this theia has an iron core which is also in the moon. Substances of the old earth and theia are said to be found on the outer layer of the moon.

What will be known from the simulation?

At present, researchers are not sure how the Moon would have formed billions of years ago, but the similarity in the chemical structure of the Moon and Earth prompts the discovery of evidence of this belief. The results of computer simulation will match the size, weight, etc. of the current moon, it will be known that if the moon was formed due to collision then how that collision would have happened.

At present, apart from the history of Earth and Moon, scientists are also studying meteorites in depth, which gives information about the history of the solar system along with the Earth. Apart from this, the study of asteroids and comets can also tell a lot. Nevertheless, the researchers of this research have high expectations from simulation.

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