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What if Earth stop rotating?

 What if Earth stop rotating?

What if Earth stop rotating
If the Earth Suddenly stop rotating, every thing On the surface of the earth at the equator suddenly be moving At more than 1600 km per hours sideways. The escape velocity of the Earth is about 40,000 km per hours So that isn't enough to fly off into space; but it would cause some horrible damage as everything flew In a ballistic trajectory Sideways. Imagine the ocean sloshing Sideways at 16,00 km per hour

At the equator, the Earth's rotational speed is at its fastest, about one thousand mph. If that speed had stopped suddenly, the motion would have sent things flying eastward. Moving rocks and oceans will trigger earthquakes and tsunamis. The still-running environment will scour the scenarios.

Would we die if the Earth stop rotating?

If the Earth suddenly stopped rotating, most people on Earth would die. If the Earth slowly subsides, it will be absolutely devastating, but there is a chance that some people may survive.

Earth planet

How long would a day be if Earth stop rotating?

If it stops rotating completely… not even once every 365 days, then you will get 1/2 year day and 1/2 year night.

What if all people jumped at the same time?

What if we all jumped together? Because people are spread somewhat evenly around the planet's spherical surface, if we all jumped into place, a lot wouldn't happen - all of our lift-ups and effects would cancel each other out, resulting in Earth. Zero net force will work. Physicist Reet Allen.

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