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Humans started destroying the earth 12 thousand years ago.

 Humans started destroying the earth 12 thousand years ago.

Land of Earth getting destroyed by the humans

Excluding both the Arctic and Antarctica, humans began to spoil the Earth 12 thousand years ago. 

This fact has been revealed in an international level study. It ended one thing that since the time of industrial movement, humans have damaged the earth. 

However, the amount of pollution was less in the kind of changes that were made 12 thousand years ago. Which is too much today. Let us know how humans damaged or made changes to the earth 12 thousand years ago. The result of which we are suffering today.

Professor Ari Ellis of the University of Maryland said that we made a model of the land use of the Earth. 

The Scientists from 10 institutions from six countries participated in this project. After studying, it was found that the earth has not been harmed since 500 years ago. This process had started about 12 thousand years ago.

Professor Ariel Ellis said that humans had started occupying most of the Earth except in icy places. Fields, crops and meat were needed to eat and live. 

Therefore, where the land was seen, we made the fields. The forests were also cut for this. Animals were hunted. 

Not only this, the tradition of setting fire in the forests also started from around that time.

Barren land of Earth

The humans or their ancestors of that time used to hunt on a wide scale. Used to exchange seeds for the same. 

It was beginning to appear in the beginning that humans will slowly go to hell to live on this earth. 

Humans or ancestors of different castes and communities lived on different pieces of land (country). According to him, he started changing the ecosystem of that place.

Pollution on Earth because of human made

In the desire to produce more and get more, the environment, ecosystem of the earth was changed. 

Professor Ariley said that when our study was completed last week, we came to know that 97 percent of the earth is disturbed by humans. 

It is also known from our 12 thousand years old model that even at that time three-fourths of the earth's land was being used by humans.

Professor Ariley said that the areas where humans do not live even today did not live at that time. 

These models show how changes have been made by humans from time to time in the earth. 

This study by Ariel Ellis and his team has been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Professor Arliey said that the same thing was good 12 thousand years ago. That was that humans had reduced pollution. 

He did not harm the environment in the way that today's humans are causing. Professor Nicole Bolvin of Max Planks Institute said that the kind of land that we are seeing in today's industrial era, there are such cultivated lands which cannot be used continuously. Unnecessary mining and land are being tampered with.

Nicole told that at this time the biggest biodiversity crisis on earth is the areas where people used to live before, but are not living now due to any reason. 

There are many cities and towns in countries like Russia, America, Ukraine which have now become haunted. 

Are empty Because humans first built a house there and then did something which did not save the living conditions there.

Ariley told that in his study it was revealed that 12 thousand years ago there used to be a country called Gobekli. 

Today it is called Turkey. The remains of such cities and towns have been found here which were 12 thousand years ago. 

Whereas, before 12 thousand years there were forests here. Today this area is completely dry. There is no such thing as a forest here.

Nicole and Ariley together insist that the pain and wounds that humans have given to the earth can be corrected back. 

It can be reversed. We have to improve back the biodiversity, environment, ecosystem of the earth. 

Those people who have been living in any place since ancient times have to be encouraged. 

Their traditions have to be understood. Their love for nature has to be understood.

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