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NASA's rover is ready to land on Mars.

 NASA's rover is ready to land on Mars.

Perseverance Rover (mars mission 2020)

Several NASA spacecraft land on Mars. Now once again the agency is ready with Perseverance Rover, but there have been many occasions in history when NASA has seen failure in this effort. In such a situation, it will be his endeavor to make the landing on Jazero crater on February 18 with perfection.

Perseverance rover's helicopter

Where will Perseverance rover land?

According to NASA, the Jezero Crater is the best place to land a Perseverance Rover and can be experimented there. The aim of the mission is to trace the traces of life ever on MARS and bring samples to Earth. Jezero is the floor of a dried up ancient lake. According to the agency, it is the oldest and most interesting place on Mars.

What are the difficulties?

As much hope to get samples here, the more difficult it is to land here. According to Andr Johnson, principal robotics systems engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Jezero is 28 miles wide but also has pugos, rocky plains, sand mountains and pit walls. If any of these hit the lander, the entire mission could fail.

How will the landing be?

60% of missions sent to Mars fail. Perseverance will land using Terrain Relative Navigation (TRN). It consists of a map and a navigation camera. The view from the camera is compared to the map. By this, landings are made, avoiding these obstacles. With its help, NASA had landed OSIRIS-REx on the asteroid Bennu. The mission was successful and he will return to Earth in the year 2023.

Two landers already on mars!

So far, America is the only country to have successfully landed a spacecraft on Mars and has done this feat eight times. Two NASA landers are operating there, Insight and Curiosity. Six other spacecraft are taking pictures of the red planet from Mars orbit, including three from the US, two from European countries and one from India. The last attempt by China to Mars was in collaboration with Russia, which failed in 2011.

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