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How to become an Astronaut. Chance to become an Astronaut.

 Want to become an astronaut? European Space Agency is giving opportunity to people for the first time in 11 years.

European space agency giving opportunity to become astronaut

Applications open on 31st of March, and women are encouraged to apply as "an agency to expand gender diversity within our ranks," according to an ESA statement published on Monday.

"To go further than ever, we need to look wider than before," ESA Director General John Warner said in the statement.

"This recruitment process is the first step and I look forward to developing the agency in all areas of space exploration and innovation with our international partners in the coming years."

According to David Parker, ESA director of human and robot exploration, the agency is keen to receive applications from every part of society.

In the statement Parker said, "The diversity in ESA not only addresses the origin, age, background, or gender of our astronauts, but perhaps also physical disabilities." "To make this dream a reality, along with recruiting astronauts, I am starting the Parastronaut Fability Project - an innovation whose time has come."

The application period on the ESA Career website will run from 31 March to 28 May. According to the statement, the candidates will then be put through a six-stage selection process which is scheduled to conclude in October 2022.

According to the ESA website, applicants must be citizens of an ESA member state, within a height of 153 to 190 centimeters (five feet to six feet three inches), and speak and read English.

The agency requires a university degree or equivalent in natural science, engineering or medicine, and prioritizes applicants with at least three years of professional experience in a related field.

According to the website, applicants should be in good physical health and should be between 27-37 years of age.

In October, ESA signed a collaborative agreement with NASA aimed at facilitating permanent exploration of the moon.

The two agencies will work together at the Artemis Gateway lunar outpost, which will serve as a station serving astronauts traveling from Earth before reaching the lunar surface.

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