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Could Aliens life breathe gas other than oxygen?

 Could Aliens life breathe gas other than oxygen?

Does Aliens use other gases to breathe

Free oxygen is so reactive that it does not remain in the atmosphere for long until plants and other photosynthetic organisms release it continuously. 

This means that on any planet, including Earth, life must initially evolve without oxygen to breathe.

There are a lot of modern bacteria that inhale many other elements and compounds including sulfur, carbon dioxide, iron, manganese, cobalt and uranium. 

All of these are much less common in the universe than oxygen, which is the third most common element.

There are bacteria that can metabolize hydrogen gas, which is the most abundant element, but like all of these alternative metabolisms, it is much less efficient than oxygen-based systems. 

This may mean that simple bacterial life is common in the galaxy using various biochemistry, but complex multicellular life only develops where there is access to the energy provided by oxygen reactions.

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