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How the atmosphere would have ended on Mars, Indian scientists found out, you also know the reason

 How the atmosphere would have ended on Mars, Indian scientists found out, you also know the reason.

NASA is trying to find out if there was ever life on Mars. For this, he has launched his vehicle Perseverance on Mars. In such a situation, Indian scientists have found out the reasons for ending the atmosphere of Mars.

Mars has no atmosphere of its own. Scientists speculate that once upon a time, the winds and rivers used to flow on Mars like our planet, but now only solar winds run there. In a new study, scientists have considered these solar winds as the reason to destroy the atmosphere of Mars. Based on the study of computer models, the scientists claimed that the solar winds destroyed the atmosphere of Mars.

Defensive magnetic field is necessary for life

This claim also reinforces the theory that a defensive magnetic field is needed to sustain life and protect planets from harmful radiation. However, the presence of water in a normally warm, moist environment on a planet can determine whether life is possible on it. The study, published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, states that the planets' ability to generate magnetic fields around them is an aspect that has been hitherto ignored.

Work like a protective umbrella!

According to Arnab Basak and Divyendu Nandi, a scientist at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkata, these magnetic fields act as protective umbrellas around the planets that protect the atmosphere from the sun's super fast plasma winds.

That's why our earth is safe from solar winds

Scientists say that the Earth's geo-dynamic mechanism (geo-dynamo mechanism) is the invisible protective shield of the planet that prevents the solar winds from destroying the Earth's atmosphere.

Study done through computer simulation.

For this study, scientists prepared two replicates of Mars based on computer simulations. In one, Mars was equipped with magnetic field and the other devoid of magnetic field. During this time, scientists found that the replica of Mars with magnetosphere did not allow solar winds to enter the planet, while in the second replica the solar winds directly entered Mars and took away the planet's atmosphere.

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