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How world will end | another theory of how Earth will end?

 How world will end | another theory of how Earth will end?

The famous scientist told that after billions of years, when the universe will get very cold, the stars will end… then how will the Earth end?

Regarding how the Earth will end, scientist Brian Cox has said that due to the continuous expansion of the universe, stars will get away from us and the temperature will be zero.

Photo of random galaxy

Many theories have been given about how the Earth will end. One such theory is given by Particle Physicist and Cosmologist Brian Cox. According to him, the end of the universe will be after terrible darkness. This will be called 'heat death' or 'big freeze'. According to this, many billion years or even more, the universe will continue to expand. During this time, the space between the stars and the galaxy will increase rapidly and their light will not reach us.

What will going to happen?

A time will come when New Stars will stop forming and the remaining stars will end. The universe will reach the state of maximum entropy when all the energy goes to places where there is less energy. According to Brian Cox, the universe will end with the heat death. He had said that the universe had expanded rapidly. If this continues, no structure will be left. However, all this will not happen in the lifetime of human civilization.


American astronomer Edwin Hubble first discovered in the 20th century that the universe was expanding. They found this by watching the galaxies move away from each other. This expansion is not the same place. Galaxies that move away from us move at higher speeds. Subsequently, the Hubles Law was discovered which describes the rate of expansion of the universe.

The universe will be cold.

The special thing is that the expansion of the universe also gives base to the Big Bang. If the universe is expanding, it means that it must have been extremely packed. If this expansion continues all the time, then all the heat and energy will be spread in such a way that the temperature will reach the absolute zero. Particles stop vibrating completely at this temperature.

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