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Three tamil nadu students developed a nano satellite. Nasa will launch nano satellite into the sub orbit.

On June, An experimental satellite  will be launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Agency ( NASA ) into the sub - orbit, developed by the three students of Tamil Nadu's Karur district. It will be on NASA's sounding Rocket 7.


The three students who developed the Nano satellite, their names are, M. Adnan from Thanthonrimalai, M. Kesavan from Nagampalli, and V. Arun from Thennilai.. They all are from Chennai. They debuted with their experimental model when they were in 11th standard. Created by Chennai-based space kids india, the satellite model joins NASA with several other satellite designed by the Cubes as part of a global competition held in space, In collaboration with NASA, a program of idoodledu Inc in association with NASA.

Their innovation, India SAT, which carried out extensive research for more than two years, has been considered the world's smallest and lightest satellite, size 3 cm made with reinforced graphene polymer and weighing 64 grams.

The satellite is equipped with its own solar cell, which will generate(produce) power for it and has its own radio frequency that will send and receive data between Earth and outer space. The satellite's photographic film will also absorb and measure cosmic radiation inside the rocket.

The team was mentored by Rifath Shahrukh of Space Kids India, who was overjoyed at the achievement.

The entire research team cost the youth team Rs 1.35 lakh and was sponsored by the Physics Department of Government Art College, Karur.

Rifath Shahrukh

Earlier, in 2017, Shahrukh's team designed KalamSaat named after former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam, and was launched by NASA in June the same year.

Dr. Srimathy Kesan

The project was carried out under the supervision of Dr. Srimathy Kesan. She is a founder and CEO of Space Kids India.

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