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Mini Moon of Earth: The Earth will soon have a second Moon like object orbiting it.

 Mini Moon of Earth: The Earth will soon have a second Moon like object orbiting it.

Mini moon of Earth

The Astronomer have found that an object is about to enter Earth's orbit in the next few weeks, our newest mini-moon. However, they are beginning to suspect that the object may not be an asteroid floating in the space, but instead a man made space junk from the 1960s.

Sometimes, asteroids flying by the Earth get trapped by the planet's gravity and orbit us for a while before moving somewhere. And, reportedly, even though various mini-moon have been detected in the past, Only two, both asteroid have been confirmed: The 2006 RH120, which orbited the  Earth between 2006 to 2007; and 2020 CD3 which was discovered in the year 2001, and went away earlier this year. But, until now, the scientists have rarely had the opportunity to see the process of Earth receiving a mini moon in action.

Mini moon of Earth

Nicknamed the 2020 SO, the new mini moon is expected to start orbiting the Earth in the month of October or in November of this year and out of orbit in may 2021. Reportedly, the scientists first spotted the object from an Hawaiian observatory in August, but they continued to ensure that it does not become a new asteroid.

According to me, this newly discovered object 2020 SO to be an old rocket booster, because it is following an orbit about the Sun that is similar to Earth, almost spherical, in the same plane and only slightly farther away from the Sun at its farthest point... This is exactly the same orbit as would follow a rocket phase different from a lunar expedition. Paul Chodas, PHD, director of NASA's Center for near Earth object studies told to CNN that, '' it is unlikely that the asteroid could evolve into an orbit like this but not impossible''.

Therefore, the scientists suspects that the mini moon is soon a Space junk from the cold-war era space race, which saw a series of '' competitive technology demonstration '' between the US and the Soviet Union, as they both established superiority in the space was  tried exploration.

But not everyone is convinced that the upcoming mini moon space is junk. Although some astronomer believe it may be a fragmented part of the rocket launching surveyor 2 to study the moon in September 1966, some say that any rocket launch within the projected time period of 2020 SO has not been done.

However, the scientists are hoping to know about the object as the object will enter into the orbit of Earth. Scientists are hopeful that very soon, as the object nears the Earth, the debate will be laid to rest, an we'll find out what the object really is, by studying the effect of sunlight pressure on it.

Chodas stated that, ''if it is indeed a rocket, it will be much condensate than an asteroid and the light pressure due to sunlight will cause a substantial change in its speed that we should be able to detect it in tracking data.''

Confusion about the new mini moon has only rekindled concern about space junk to the forefront yet again. According to the theory of 1978 which was proposed by the NASA's scientist ' Donald Kessler ', to much waste in the space can trigger a chain reaction, causing more object to collide, leading to greater density of new space junk and waste.

Earth's orbit is on point. Becomes unusable for satellite - everything from GPS and military research to television is endangered.

To avoid the accumulation of space's junk, the researchers are currently exploring options such as giant magnets and traps to bring debris down sending debris out of orbit to '' space whip '', and the atmosphere of  Earth is being used to burn the debris.

In December, the 2020 SO object will come closest to the Earth, about 50,000 kilometers away. The scientists hope that if it actually becomes a rocket, they will be able to study it when they are closest, to know what happened in space during the last half century -giving us insights that give us space exploration initiative may help in future.

Moon of Earth

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