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Vintage NASA satellite falls to Earth, raging doom after 56 years in space

 A long retired satellite of NASA burned up in the atmosphere of Earth over the weekend, the agency has confirmed.

NASA's OGO-1 is seen In orbit On August 25, 2020

In the year 1964, in September, NASA launched the satellite, called the orbiting Geophysics observatory 1, or it known to be OGO-1. The first in a series of five missions that helped scientists understand the magnetic environment of earth. The OGO-1 was the first o launch, but the last to fall out of orbit; The satellite has crossed the Earth uninterrupted since its retirement in the year 1971

But orbiting the Earth is a difficult task, because particles in our plush atmosphere collide with the spacecraft and slow them down, even at a very high altitudes where the atmosphere is thin. A decrease in speed reduces the altitude of spacecraft, until repetition becomes unavoidable.

The 1,070-Ib. ( 487 kilograms ) OGO-1 experience that necessity on Saturday ( Aug. 29 ), as NASA had predicted. The satellite re-entered at 4:44 p.m. EDT ( 2044 GMT ) over the southern pacific Ocean and burned up in the atmosphere of Earth, posing no threat to humans, JOSH HANDAL the spokes person of NASA told in an email.

NASA's satellite

 The spacecraft hit the atmosphere for about 25 minute early as NASA expected, it means that the spacecraft was hit the atmosphere about 25 minute earlier than NASA's forecast, Handal said, resulting in a recirculation location east of the agency's predictions. The OGO-1 entered about 100 miles ( 160 kilometres ) south- east of Tahiti; In addition to tracking the satellite, NASA received report of the ncident from the people on the island.

The launch of OGO continued from the year 1969, when OGO-5 began orbiting the Earth, but all successors of OGO-1 had already re-entered on the amosphere of the Earth.

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