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Asteroid may be the size of the great pyramid of double Giza Zoom past Earth.

The asteroid cross the Earth

 An asteroid moving from Earth is not a new phenomenon or incident. The Space rocks of different sizes keep crossing our planets now and then. But, this time, the National Aeronautics and space administration ( NASA ) is tracking an asteroid that is twice as large as Giza's great pyramid. The space rock, known as 465824 ( 2010 FR ), is expected to reach behind Earth on 6th of September.

According to the express, the asteroid is said to be between 120 meters and 270 meter wider and between 394 feet and 886 feet long.

The Space agency of United State has classified as a near Earth object ( NEO ) that the rock will have no effect on Earth. The NEO is a term used for objects that are orbited by the gravitational attraction of nearby planets allowing then to enter the neighborhood of our planet.

Any space rock or comet within 1.3 astronomical units from the Sun falls under the category of  Near Earth Object ( NEO ) and is not harmful to Earth or human life.

NEOs revolve around the Sun and they sometimes reach close to the Earth. This means that NEOs are not currently in the vicinity of Earth, but according to the express they could potentially  reach closer to our planet.

According to WION, 465824 ( 2010 FR ) is traveling at a speed of 31,400mph towards the Earth's orbit and will cross our planet from 4.6 million miles away with no danger. reported that in previous month, a car sized asteroid moved 1,830 miles ( 2,950 kilometers ) away from Earth. Known as the 2020 QG, it was the closest known asteroid that did not affect our planet, quoted NASA as saying.

The 2020 QG was moving at a speed  of 27,600 mph and was approximately 10 to 20 feet in diameter. During its close approach, it flew over the pacific Ocean.

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