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China to send first ever ' asteroid mining robot' into the space may be in November this year...

 China to send first ever ' asteroid mining robot' into the space may be in November this year...

China's 'asteroid mining robot' will be like this

Origin Space, a private beijing company, the world's first mining robot - whom - called 'Asteroid Mining Robot'- will send into the space by November 2020. If this project was successful, it could open up a trillion dollar industry.

Chine will send the world's first mining robot into the Space by November this year. Origin Space, a private Beijing company, will send the world's first mining robot - known as an ' Asteroid mining Robot' - into the space by November 2020, According to an IEEE spectrum report.

However, the robot will not do any real mining. The mission will be a initial/preliminary assessment of the capabilities of asteroid mining robots to identify and extract valuable resources for the purpose of final mining of asteroids. 

The 30-gram spacecraft, NEO-1, is likely to be launched as a secondary payload on a Chinese long March rocket, which will enter on the orbit of Earth at an altitude of, in my opinion, will be 500 kilometers.

In an interview, Origin Space co-founder Yu Tianhong told to US magazine that, ''The goal is to verify and demonstrate a number of functions such as orbital maneuvering of spacecraft, capture of small celestial bodies, identification and control of intelligent spacecraft.''

Real progress may be made by the NEO-1 mission which is subject to speculation, as it was never attempted before. If this project succeeds, a trillion- dollar industry could open up.

The mission will prove to be a milestone for the space resources industry.

Apart from this, There is another mission of the Chinese company is Wang Yuanwang-1, named as 'little Hubble' which will be launched may be in the year 2021 or before 2020 not confirmed.

Meanwhile, NASA is also on its way to perform a separate historical mission on October 20, when its robot OSIRIS-REX spacecraft will touch down on the surface of the asteroid bennu for a few seconds to collect rock samples and dust. This is the first time NASA will attempts to grab fragments of an asteroid, which will be returned to Earth for study.

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