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Perseverance Rover | Follow NASA's perseverance Rover going to Mars. Follow in real time on its way to Mars.

  Date : 24th of August, 2020,

NASA spacecraft, perseverance rover

The last time, 25 days before, we saw NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission was on July 30, 2020, as it disappeared into the black space on the trajectory of Mars. But from NASA's look at the Solar System, you can follow in real time as humanity's most sophisticated rover and the Ingenuity Mars chopper traveling with it - millions of miles on the Jezero Crater over the next six month.

Fernando Abileira, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Mars 2020 mission design and navigation manager in southern California, said, '' Eyes on the solar system envisions the same trajectory data that the navigation team uses to plot a course of Perseverance on Mars.'' '' If you want to walk with us on our journey, then this is the place.

The eyes simply do not let you see the distance between the red planet and the spacecraft at this very moment. You can fly the formation with Mars 2020 or check the relative velocity between Mars and Earth or, say, the dwarf planet Pluto.

John Nelson, visualization technology and application development supervisor JPL said, '' New data and imagery is coming in all the time about all of our orbital assets, as well as orbit of Mars, the red planet on its surface,'' ''Essentially, if you haven't seen Mars through the eyes recently on the solar system, you haven't seen Mars.''

Dozens of control on the pop up menu allow you to customize not only what you see - a spacecraft '' from far away '' '' on board '' - but also how you see it : 3-D mode Choose, and all you need is a pair of red-Cyan anaglyph glasses for a more immature experience.

You do not need to stop on Mars. You can travel through the entire solar system and even through time. Not only does the website use real-time data and imagery from NASA's fleet of spacecraft, it is manned with NASA data coming back by 1950 and projected by 2050. Location, speed, and presence are based on projected and reorganized mission data.

While you are researching and exploring, take a deep dive into our home planet with eye in the Earth and travel to distant worlds with eye on Exoplanet.

Perseverance Rover

The perseverance Rover :

The Perseverance Rover was designed with the help of the Engineering team of Curiosity Rover, and they are similar to each other. ... The rover will include a 2.1 meter ( 6 ft 11 in ) long five joint robotic arm. The arm will be used in combination with the turret for analysis of geologic samples from the surface of the Mars.

Ingenutiy Helicopter

The Ingenuity Helicopter :

The Ingenuity Helicopter consists of four specially constructed carbon - fiber blades, arranged in two rotors that rotate in opposite directions at approximately 2,400 rpm - many times faster than a passenger helicopter on Earth. It also has new solar cells, batteries and other components

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