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Masten's first lander to be launch on 2022 to the Moon | Elon Musk's spacex will launch the Masten's first lander to the moon in 2022.

 Date : 27th of Aug, 2020,

   Masten's first lander to be launch in 2022 to the moon

Masten's first lander

Spacex has obtained a contract to act as a launch partner for Masten Space System, one of the companies awarded a NASA launch contract under that agency's commercial lunar payload services ( CLPS ) programs. First lunar mission of Masten is scheduled to take place in the year 2022 if all goes to plan, and will take the company's XL-1 lunar lander with a NASA payload to the moon's south pole, with equipment for scientific experimentation, as well as cargo are also included from Commercial travelers.

The CLPS program of NASA is a part of its border effort to expand partnership with commercial space companies to ultimately reduce its costs by sharing providers with other customers from private industry and commercial enterprises. It is also an important staging components for the Artemis program of NASA, which eventually aims to place the first American  female and the next American male on the lunar surface by the year 2024.

The science equipment on Masten's lander will help the agency study the lunar south pole by collecting important and necessary data about the area. The Artemis III mission of NASA will aim to land in the same part of the lunar surface, and CLPS landers will help inform it of conditions and be prepared with resources left in place by some untouched landers.

Till now, four planned lunar lander missions are scheduled under the CLPS, including the launch of the astrobiotic peregrine lander in the year 2021 on June, interactive machine shortly after in the year 2021 on October, with Masten now set for December 2022 and its large Griffen lander in 2023 Astrobotic VIP launch. Spacex has been contracted for insuitary machine and Masten launches, while ULA's Vulcon is scheduled to take Astrobotic's Peregrine vehicle to the moon

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