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Hubble telescope new pictures | NASA's Hubble Telescope captured amazing picture of 'dying star', scientists were also stunned to see

 NASA's Hubble Telescope captured amazing picture of 'dying star', scientists were also stunned to see!

American space agency NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has shared such a picture of a Dying Star that you will be surprised to see. In NASA's pictures, this nebula looks like a huge blue eye, with orange light coming out from all sides.

Picture taken 25 years ago

The gases emanating from this dying star are making an orange color ring. NASA's Hubble Space Telescope took the picture 25 years ago, which was taken with the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2).

The nebula named MyCn18 is located 8000 light-years away. In the picture taken with the Hubble Telescope, MyCn18 looks like an hourglass. This picture is made up of three different pictures. One of these appears red in the light of ionized nitrogen. The second appears green from hydrogen and the third appears blue from doubly-ionized oxygen.

The Rings in the Center of the Nebula

According to the news of ABC Science, Hubble has found that there are some rings in the center of the nebula. These are the shells emanating from the star, which were ejected in his young age. To fully understand its size, efforts are also being made to understand the gravity of a star that has not yet been discovered.

Scientists are also surprised!

Scientists are quite surprised and excited by these results. Earlier, the stars could not be understood much in such detail. According to scientists, stars like the sun die slowly and understanding them was not so easy before. The shape of an hourglass is formed due to the wind of the stars.

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