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Formation of Moon | Scientists saw the formation of a new moon for the first time, a new moon being formed near a planet like Jupiter

 Formation of Moon | Scientists saw the formation of a new moon for the first time, a new moon being formed near a planet like Jupiter.

New moon is forming
Formation of Moon | Scientists saw the formation of a new moon for the first time, a new moon being formed near a planet like Jupiter.

You must have seen the moon many times. Apart from this, you must have seen, read or heard about the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. 

But for the first time scientists have seen the moon being formed. This event is happening in another solar system away from our solar system. 

This moon is forming inside the rings of a planet like Jupiter. Scientists have also taken its picture. 

In which an orange-red ring is visible around a planet. The moon (in the red circle) is visible on the right side inside that ring.

This Jupiter-like planet is 370 light years away from its Earth. Researchers at the ALMA Observatory in Chile's Atacama Desert have taken pictures of this moon with the powerful telescopes here. 

The planet on which this moon is forming is like our planet Jupiter. Around which there is a big ring of gas, dust and stones. 

There are estimated to be three moons around this planet. Out of which two have been built, one is under construction.

The rings we are talking about are called circumplanetary disks. These rings are formed only when the moon is formed inside them. 

The Scientists believe that due to these rings, it is easy for us to understand the process of formation of a planet or satellite. 

The Scientists have discovered 4400 planets outside our solar system so far. Which are exoplanets. The name of this newly formed moon is PDS 70C. This PDS 70 is forming inside the rings around the planet.

Astronomer of the University of Grenoble and the principal discoverer of this moon, Mariam Benisti said that this is a wonderful sight. 

It has never happened before that scientists have seen the process of formation of a moon. This will further strengthen our theory of the formation of a planet. 

For the first time we have seen the formation of a planet and its satellites, which is happening for the first time in the history of space science. The study was published on 22 July in the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Tweeted by Reuters science news
The Reuters science news has tweeted about the formation of Moon nearly to the planet Jupiter.

Marium told that there are rings around the planet Saturn in our solar system. Around 80 moons revolve around it. 

Its rings suggest that it is of very ancient times, when Saturn's moons must have been forming. 

Stefano Fuccini, a scientist at the European Southern Observatory and co-author of this study, said that the orange-coloured star PDS 70 weighs almost as much as our Sun. 

It can be about 50 million years old. Its two moons are more young. The third one is just being born.

The two moons of the PDS 70 planet are bigger than Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. 

One moon is named PDS-A and the other is PDS-B. While the PDS-C is still under construction. 

Stefano Facini said that the moon being formed is constantly pulling dust and gas from the rings. 

This moon is revolving around its planet at a distance of 33 times greater than the distance between the Earth and the Sun. 

We are constantly searching around this moon to find more stars, planets and moons.

Astronomer Richard Teague of the Harvard-Smithsonius Center for Astrophysics said that the process of planets and satellites forming themselves by pulling an object from the rings is called core accretion. 

In this, whenever the dust, gas, stones etc. moving in the rings come near this planet, it drags them towards itself and keeps on adding them. 

That is, this moon has a lot of gravitational force at this time. Which is helping in the process of its creation. 

In such a process, when things are joined together, then gas and dust also come out from the collision in it.

Asteroid ring

Richard Teague says that some planets attack the rings around them faster. This attack is of gravity. 

That is, pull whatever you get from that ring. The diameter of the rings around PDS 70 is equal to the distance between its Earth and the Sun. There is so much material in it that it can form three moons.

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