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Which country will released how much methane gas will be monitored from space

 Which country will released how much methane gas will be monitored from space.

A satellite will be launched next year to check the level of methane gas in the Earth's atmosphere. The task of leaving this satellite is being given to Elon Musk's company SpaceX. The satellite is being made by the international organization Environmental Defense Fund.

EDF has chosen SpaceX to launch its satellite methaneSat. There is a plan to launch this satellite in 1 October 2022. It will be launched with SpaceX's Falcon-9 rocket. Through this satellite, it will be known which country or place is emitting how much methane gas.

Steven Hamburg, co-leader of the Methanesat mission, said that this is a different type of mission. SpaceX has accepted our request. It has also assured the successful launch of this mission. Who can be a more reliable launch partner than SpaceX at the present time.

The Methanesat Satellite Environmental Defense Fund has its own satellite. This organization was announced in April 2018 to make this satellite. With the help of this satellite, we will know how much methane is coming out from around the world. Be it gas wells, volcanoes or even methane emitted by humans.

A global report will be prepared on the basis of this satellite which country extracts the most methane gas. After this, no country will be able to accuse each other of excessive methane gas emissions. With the help of this, the entire world will also get high resolution images, accurate data. So that every country can reduce its methane gas emissions accordingly.

EDF Senior Vice President Mark Brownstein said that climate change will be prevented with the help of this satellite. Efforts can be started to handle the areas where the environmental condition is deteriorating or deteriorating. This will help prevent global warming. Methanesat is designed to bring transparency in the world.

Mark Brownstein says that with the help of MethaneSAT, countries, companies and governments will realize their responsibility. Those who will not understand this responsibility, their data will be kept in front of everyone at the international level. So that no one can turn back from how much methane gas he has extracted.

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