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SpaceX set new record in space, 144 satellites launched simultaneously

 SpaceX set new record in space, 144 satellites launched simultaneously.

Elon musk
Elon Musk's company is steadily making its move into space. Now the company has set a new record by bringing 144 small big satellines into space simultaneously. The company says that this has opened up space for small operators.

The space company, SpaceX, has set a new record in this field. The company has launched 143 spacecraft simultaneously in this space. 

According to the company's CEO Elon Musk, nothing has been done like this before. On Sunday, the company's Falcon rocket took off around 10 am from the space launch complex 40 of Cap Canaveral Space Force Station on the east coast of Florida. 

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It brought 133 commercial and 10 Starlink satellites together into space. Let me tell you that it was part of the company's smalset rideshare program. 

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The aim is to open the doors of space to small satellite operators. According to the company, it is very cheap.

The launch, however, had to be postponed for a day earlier. The company has cited bad weather as the reason for doing so. 

The company's CEO and Tesla head, Elon Musk, wrote in his tweet on January 22 that a big launch is going to take place tomorrow under which small satellite and small customer will be given great power. 

He said that he is very excited for this because tomorrow the space will open for small companies. Let me tell you that SpaceX has sent many satellites to space to increase the capacity of the Internet. 

The company has invested around $ 10 billion on this. This makes the company want to generate $ 30 billion every year. According to the scholarship it will go a long way under Musk's Interplenary Rocket Program.

Let us tell you that a day ago, Elon Musk announced $ 100 million for information about 'carbon capture technology' which reduces CO2 emissions in keeping with climate change. 

This amount is about 730 crores in Indian rupees. He also gave information to people through his tweet. He wrote in it that he is announcing a $ 100 million reward for the best carbon capture technology. In his next tweet, he wrote that its next detail will be revealed next week.

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