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ISRO is offering free online course on remote sensing with certificate: how to apply | when will the course start | things to know| full information.

 ISRO is offering free online course on remote sensing with certificate: how to apply | when will the course start | things to know| full information. 

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is inviting undergraduate students for a 15-week free online course on 'Remote Sensing, GIS, and GNSS technology and their applications'. The course has been approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).


Students will learn about 77.5 hours spread over 15 weeks, remote sensing, global navigation satellite systems and geographic information systems, and applications of geospatial technology.

Students are also given the option to register for individual courses, or all three courses.


Remote Sensing and Digital Image Analysis: Students will be taught the fundamentals of Remote Sensing, Earth Observation Sensors and Platforms, Spectral Signatures of Various Land Cover Features, Image Interpretation, Thermal and Microwave Remote Sensing. they will also learn about digital image processing, which forces correction and registration, enhancement, classification and accuracy assessment techniques.

Global Navigation Satellite System: Students will learn about GPS and GNSS, receivers, processing methods, errors and accuracy.

Geographic Information System: It forces learning about GIS, databases, topology, spatial analysis and open source software.

RS and GIS Applications: Under this, students will learn about agriculture and soil, forestry and ecology, geology and geo-hazards, marine and atmospheric sciences, urban and regional studies and water resources.

Students will also see a practical demonstration using free and open-source software.


The course will be conducted by the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) on the SWAYAM platform.

Upon completing the course, students will receive credit points.

Dr. Poonam S Tiwari, who is the scientific and teaching faculty at IIRO, Dehradun, will conduct the course.


The course will going to be start on 20th of january 2021 and will be performed till 5th of May 2021.

The last date to register for course is 31st January 2021.


If you want to apply for the course... And need more information about it click on the Website... Without reading all this information, you will not understand properly...

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