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The largest solar telescope shows unprecedented images of the Sun after major overhaul.


Sun's image highest resolution

Scientists have constantly observed the Sun to find answer to many mysterious fact. As a result of this constant practice, now unprecedented images of the Sun's fine structure have surfaced which show super fine detail of our primary star structure. Unique detail have been captured through GREGOR, Europe's largest solar telescope.

The GERGOR solar telescope is located in Teide Observatory, in Spain and control and operated by a German consortium, GERGOR was able to capture never before seen details of the Sun. The telescope allowed scientists to resolve details as small as 50 km on the Sun. In that perspective, to know that the Sun has a diameter of 1.4 million km.

Recently a major overhaul of GERGOS's optics made a new achievement possible. This work was carried out by a team of scientists and engineers from the LEIBNIZ institute for solar Physics ( KIS ), in such a way that the Sun can be seen in higher resolution than ever before.

Dr. Lucia Klant, who led the project and the German solar telescope on Tenerife said that '' This project is very exciting along with extreme challenge. In just one year we completely redisgined optics, mechanics and electronic to achieve image quality ''.

A recent KIS release described how the images were made possible. It states that a major '' technical breakthrough '' was achieved by the project team in the month of march this year. As they were stranded in the observatory during lockdown, it setup an optical laboratory from the ground up.

However at the time, the snow storm prevented the team from using binocular so that anyone could make observations.. It w as only when Spain reopened in the month of July that the team flew back and '' the highest resolution images of the Sun ever taken by the Telescope of European ''.

European largest telescope (GERGOS TELESCOPE)

The first light images by the telescope which were obtained back in the month of July in the year 2020, reveal the fine detail of sunspot development and complex structures in solar plasma. KIS explains that the telescope's new optics now allow scientists to study other aspects, including '' magnetic fields, convection, turbulence, solar eruptions and sunspot.

Understanding these aspects allows us to determine the impact of the  Sun on the Earth and in this way the damage to satellite and technological infrastructure can be minimized by taking optimal measures.

Daniel K. Hawaii. similar images of the surface of the Sun were released in the month of January by the Inoy solar Telescope, drawing reactions from commentators on the social media who said the Star's hot plasma resembles a popcorn's kernel.

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