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Spacex wants to test its starlink satellite internet network with boats that use it with land rockets


1 : Spacex plans to further expand the trail of the Star-link satellite internet network of its manufacture, with which the company intends to begin demonstration using its ships' marine fleet.

2 : On Tuesday, the space company of Elon Musk asked the Federal communication commission (FCC) if it could add 10 star-link user terminals to its boats, which are small devices on land that connect to the network.

3 : Spacex control or operates several ships, most of which focus on recovering its capsules, rocket boosters and rocket nosecone after the mission.

The starlink may land on this type of ship

The spacex plans to expand the trail to further its creation of the starlink satellite internet network, with which the company intends to begin demonstration using its ocean fleet of ships.

On Tuesday, Musk's space company asked FCC if it could add up to 10 starlink user terminals to its boats. The users terminals are small devices on the ground that connect to the company's satellite internet network.

Starlink user terminal, which would connect consumer to the company's satellite internet service

'' To expand its assessment of the end to end capabilities of its satellite system, Spacex authorizes these user terminals o be tested on marine platforms for a period of up to two years. In particular, Spacex allows a total of ten proposes to deploy. The company wrote in an Federal communication commission ( FCC ) filing that up to ten ship were loaded to land the rocket ship boosters, including two Autonomous Spaceport drone-ships.

Elon Musk's spacex company operates several ships, most of which focus on recovering their capsules, rocket boosters and rocket nosecone after the mission.

Spacex company's ship of landing rocket

 The application was listed as pending approval by the Federal communication commission ( FCC ) until Wednesday Morning.

The ambitious network of company is Starlink, which plans to build an interconnected network with 12,000 small satellite in low Earth orbit. To date, spacex has approximately 650 of its version 1.0 satellite and now building a system of ground stations and user terminals to directly connect consumers to its network.

On this summer, Spacex is conducting a private beta test of starlink, which the company recently stated is the network's internet speed will have a capacity to play online video games and streaming movies It is capable for gaming and live streaming. Employees are testing Starlink's latency and download speed, key measures for internet service providers.

On July, the company told the FCC, that spacex is building 120 satellite per month, along with thousands of smaller terminals that consumers will use to connect to the network. Additionally, spacex has stated that starlink is already seeing '' exceptional demand '' from potential customers, including the U.S. has approximately 700,000 individuals '', indicating they are interested in the company's upcoming service.

The spacex plans to launch a public beta test of starlink after the private beta test ends. The company set a target to introduce starlinks as a commercial service in North America and Southern Canada before the end of this year, with plans for '' near global coverage of a populated world in the year 2021.

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