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Elon Musk says the starship SN8 prtotype will feature a nosecan and attempt a 60,000 foot return flight.


The CEO of spacex and Tesla company Elon Musk has shared some detail about future testing of the Starship, with the spacex launch vehicle currently being developed by the company at its Boca  Chica, Texas facility. More recently, spacex has completed 150 meters ( just under 500 feet ) of test flight of two former starship prototypes, the SN5 and SN6 and SN8, which is currently '' in about a week ''. will be constructed according to '' flap and Nosecon '' and ultimately intended for a high altitude test launch.

In the last few weeks spacex has flown and landed for its so called 'short-hop' test, but with a fake weight mounted on top in place of the actual domed nose, which will break from the top of the final production starship and protecting any cargo on board. SN5 and SN6, often compared to grain silos, also lack large control flaps on either side of the nosecan that would help control its flight according to Musk the SN8 will have both.

This version of the prototype will also undergo the same preliminary testing and its precursors, including a static fire and other ground checkouts, followed by an attempts to fly to a height of 60,000 feet before another static fire occurs - and then back to ground will return to a controlled landing.

Spacex is off the pace when it comes to the development of star-ship relative to Musk's initial, best guesses - but the CEO is known for potential projections coming up from time to time when he repeatedly finds himself.

The development of rockets is also very difficult, so this first attempt of high flying can go smoothly. Spacex specifically has a development program that focuses on rapid iteration, and learn from earlier mistakes while simultaneously building a development prototype incorporating different generation. And while it may not have produced Musk's crazy timelines, it's moving too fast, especially now that the most recent prototype has avoided pressure testing and made it up in the air.

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