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End of world | NASA date when asteroid bennu will hit the earth

 End of world | A date when asteroid bennu will hit the Earth

The date of the destruction of the earth has come to the fore on which the huge stone will collide with the earth.

After the new information released by NASA, there has been a stir among the people. NASA, which rules the world of space, has claimed that very soon a giant stone (Asteroid Bennu) will collide with the Earth, after which people may have to suffer heavy losses.

You must have read many news of the end of the world. Many people predict the end of the earth. However, none of these predictions has proved to be true so far. These predictions are based on the movement of the planets and constellations of the people. But if NASA makes such an announcement, then perhaps you will be convinced. Recently, NASA said that soon an asteroid is going to hit the Earth. After this, destruction on earth is certain.

After this new claim of NASA, there has been a stir among scientists around the world. Actually, NASA had informed that very soon an asteroid named Bennu is going to hit the Earth. Along with this, there will be destruction on the earth. In 2018, NASA had launched a spacecraft named OSIRIS-REx on this planet. Based on the information received from him, NASA told that this asteroid is going to fall on the earth.

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NASA has also revealed the time when this asteroid will hit the Earth. According to NASA, the asteroid will hit the Earth on 24 September 2182. NASA said that the chances of it hitting the Earth are very high. But now after the investigation, the scientist is not much worried. He said that even if this collision happened, it would fall in the ocean. But if it collides with another part at the last moment, then the result can be bad.

Asteroid is very big!

According to the information released by NASA, the asteroid is very big. Also it is quite old. According to estimates, its size is as much as the Empire State Building in New York. According to the deposited sample of the spacecraft that NASA has sent on this, it is moving towards the Earth and is going to collide with it soon.

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