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How to survive from space | How to survively come to Earth from space

 How to survive from space | How to survively come to Earth from space?

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Space agencies around the world, including the US Space Agency NASA, keep sending their spacecraft to space. 

In such a situation, the question arises that if a spacecraft forgets its path, then how will it return to Earth. 

In such a situation, we will need a reliable system before measuring the depths of space. Recently a new system has been described for this, which is that astronauts can form a glactic reference through two stars. Explain that within our solar system, we use the navigation used on Earth.

But if mankind has to measure the depths of space properly then it will need a new navigation approach. 

According to the principles currently in place, clocks and gyroscope systems have to be installed within the spacecraft. 

But when we Interstellar Mission will be a mission lasting for decades, even a small mistake can be overshadowed. 

If there was a mistake in the navigation of the spacecraft in space, it would deviate from the path. Therefore a better navigation system has to be developed.

First way of survive from space.

In such a way, the first way to return home after wandering in space is to use 'Pulser'. Pulsars are seen twinkling in space. 

Each pulsar has a unique rotation period, thus its twinkling can be used as a signal column for space missions. 

However, this will only work within the confines of our solar system, because as they grow in deep space, they will become visible due to dust and the risk of getting lost will increase.

You can also survive through this method

For space travel one cannot rely solely on the 'pulsar' method. In this case, the spacecraft will need a simple and reliable navigation system. 

In such a situation, the easiest way for navigation is by the wires themselves. There is an ancient method that can be adopted for this. This method is called Parallax. 

Parallax is called the effect in which the position or direction of an object is different when viewed from different positions. But that object remains in one place. Through this technology, the spacecraft can find a way home.

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